Shamanic Healing and Divination

Offering shamanic healing and guidance, at an affordable price, allows flexibility and ease in receiving guidance through divination and healing. Intuitive readings through shamanic divination and healing to retrieve guidance you seek, and share insights with you for positive results.

How It Works:

These readings are through email.

Send an email message with your questions, letting me know what the recurring theme or pattern is in your life you want to heal or transform or you would like to shift. I will take those questions into spiritual realms through shamanic journeying and divination. Please include your birthdate, time and place you were born so I may offer deeper insights.

I will send you a return email with the information and guidance that I receive along with questions for you to ponder.

It is not necessary for you to be present to the reading, which allows you to receive shamanic healing benefits and information, without needing to take time off of work or schedule an appointment into your day.

Each reading is $125

You may use Paypal by sending payment to [email protected] to pay for the session, or you may pay by check. I will send you an address to send your check if you don’t use Paypal.

In order to receive a reading, you will need to email [email protected]

I am pleased to share this offering so that all who seek healing and guidance may be able to do so at an affordable price. I will continue to offer 90-minute Shamanic Healing Sessions, either “in-person,” over Skype or FaceTime for those who desire a deeper healing connection with your Spirit Guides and those I work with.