Respected Shamanic Teachers Practitioners

A list of respected shamanic teachers practitioners who have impeccable integrity or I have hosted or collaborated with and have inspired me. I have worked extensively with Sandra Ingerman and I am a graduate of her Two Year Teacher Training and authorized to teach Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Medicine for the Earth, Healing with Spiritual Light and Psycho-pomp Death and Dying.

Bhola Banstola – Nepalese Shaman who teaches Internationally, leads journeys to Nepal – Himalayan Shamanic Experiences. Hosted him in Portalnd, Oregon for two years.

Black Horse Consulting – SpiritedScience® Transformational Life Coaching. Helping Horse & Human Be Happy.

Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Julie Oreson Perkins – Access Bars Facilitator and Life Coach. Shamanic Practitioner

Mushroom Montoya – Author of “Vietnam Body Count.”

Sandra Ingerman – I hosted Sandra Ingerman a few times in Portland, Oregon and studied extensively with her at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and after she resigned from the organization.

Shamanic Tantra – Beautiful process of bridging two ancient practices for Spiritual-Sexual Integration

SoulCollage® – Karyn Armstrong Medicine Art Woman® is a soulcollage® facilitator

Tom Cowan – Specializing in Celtic visionary and healing techniques.