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Karyn Armstrong offers a comprehensive, potent and inspiring Spiritual Shamanic Healing Mentoring-Tutoring Transformational series, custom fitted to your needs, intuitive interests, and spiritual goals. An educational based experiential mentoring series with a coaching structure designed to fit your needs from learning shamanic ways to starting your own practice.

While our culture has come to value alternative healing methods, often healing sessions and classes based in a plethora of esoteric studies aren’t enough. In today’s challenging world it’s critical to establish a foundation for personal growth. With over 20 years of experience developing a highly sophisticated way of getting you into action and facilitating others, I offer a personal mentorship program assisting individuals in addressing spiritual needs, assessing areas for growth, tailoring techniques and exercises to facilitate proven, successful spiritual needs and development of intuitive strengths.

My goal in mentoring individuals along their spiritual paths is to bring the opportunity for spiritual healing and study together in a safe, supportive process of witnessing, engaging, and enjoying.

I will introduce you to an ecstatic way of living. Shamanism and spiritual practices awakenings your creative potential. Learn how to access “other worlds,” also known as non-ordinary reality for personal growth, problem solving and spiritual guidance, supporting you in aligning your energy with a much higher frequency and bringing out your unique magnetic personality. You will discover your ability and gift to heal yourself, others. You will access ancient knowledge, develop your intuition for direct access to be able to see in the dark with your heart. Using impeccable methods through the art of rhythm, clear focused intention, and relaxed breathing you will enter into an altered state of consciousness for connecting into spiritual dimension. It is a very reliable and safe. It’s the foundational training for practicing shamanism. A personal Shamanic Healing included depending on the diagnostic solution for healing and personal goals.

  • Learn how to enter into non-ordinary reality and the shamanic cosmology.
  • Align yourself with your spirit allies and find them through the shamanic journey.
  • Guidance for interpreting information, how to go deeper safely and remember more easily what you experienced.
  • Gain wisdom and deep healing on many levels.
  • Understanding the shamanic approach to healing and how to be a lightening rod or conduit for healing yourself, family and community.
  • How you can deal with the common traps and miss-conceptions you may encounter with your ego such as doubt, questioning your experience or comparing it to others.
  • Learn to trust your own style of communicating with the spiritual realms, we all have a unique way of seeing and getting information, the key is in the practice.
  • Through a daily practice you will embody the wisdom, patience and compassion that is needed in your relationships, community and in every aspect of your life.
  • BRING your creative side to the forefront and use it to manifest the live you want to lead.
  • DISCOVER who you are and break free from limiting beliefs

Start practicing this ancient knowledge for modern day contemporary living. Karyn embodies a natural gift of sight and wisdom, she is a great messenger. You too can access the spiritual dimensions in order to effect change in yourself, become a great leader, conduit for healing or transform your life in ways you never imagined. This series will cause deep spiritual awakening and the intense feeling of being fully alive, joyful and at peace. Series includes shamanic healing sessions as needed, customized to your personal needs. Resources given so you can continue your practice and support practical changes. More information and to schedule call 503-804-9441.

A personalized MEDICINE BUNDLE is created for you once the first series is completed. 

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