Shamanic Practices

Karyn Armstrong, Artist ~ Shaman ~ Visionary

Karyn is the Founder and Director of Harmonic Visions Institute for Alternative Esoteric Integrative Wellness based on CAM (Complimentary and Alternative Medicine) therapies. Using Shamanic practices.

She is a Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher, Minister, Advanced III Certified Tantra Educator, well known speaker and workshop leader. Karyn teaches personal growth, transformation and awakening through the practice of shamanism. She is an Expressive Arts Facilitator using the creative arts for intuitive direction, soul recovery and pain management. Her coursework programs include innovative and creative instruction including:

  • Shamanic journeying through drumming, music dancing
  • Soul Remembering-Soul Recovery-Soul Retrieval
  • Shamanic Extraction
  • Death and Dying Process for 21st Century Living
  • Spiritual-Sexual Integration
  • Energy Healing with Spiritual Light
  • Medicine for the Earth
  • Shamanic Life Mentoring Series
  • Shamanic Practices

Karyn travels frequently throughout the US and Canada and is available to teach a workshop or seminar in your area on such topics as:

  • Experiencing the Shamanic Journey Weekend Intensive–all of the above topics
  • The Mystery Within: Surrendering into the Divine Feminine

All of these workshops have been developed for those newly entering the field and advanced practitioners, depending on the community needs, they are designed to be adaptable and equally rewarding for the particular audience. To schedule, please contact Karyn Armstrong, if you would like to sponsor or host her in your city, state or country.

For additional background on Karyn Armstrong, please reference her full Biography.

Adjunct Faculty:

Tom Cowan, PhD

Tom Cowan is a respected Shamanic practitioner and Master teacher, specializing in Celtic visionary and healing techniques. He combines universal core shamanism with traditional European spirit lore to create spiritual practices that can heal and enrich one’s own life and the lives of others. An internationally respected teacher, author, lecture and tour leader, he has taught training programs in England, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Most recently he was the first American shaman to teach in Slovakia, a high honor.

To is the author of: Yearning For the Wind, Fire in the Head: Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit, Shamanism as a Spiritual Practice for Daily Life, The Pocket Guide to Shamanism, The Book of Saoance, The Way of the Saints: Prayers, Practices and Meditations and Wending Your Way: A New Version of the Old English Rune Poem.

Tom grew up in Missouri and received a doctorate in history from St. Louis University. He taught history and humanities in Memphis Tennessee during the 1970s and moved to New York City in 1980 to pursue a career as a freelance writer.

In 1983, Tom met Michael Harner and learned core shamanism, which continues to be Tom’s primary spiritual practice. His lifelong interet in mystical traditions led him to develop ways to practice shamanism in the context of Celtic spirituality and embracing other European-based spiritual disciplines. From 1996-1998 Tom Taught Celtic Shamanism for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

Today Tom lives in New York’s Hudson River Valley where he offers training workshops, spiritual retreats and healing sessions for groups and individuals. He is a minister in the Circle of the sacred Earth, a church of animism dedicated to shamanic principles and practices. Periodically he leads tours to Ireland or Scotland to enable others to experience shamanism at Sacred Sites and work with the Spirits of the Land in these places.

Please Visit Tom’s website:


Tomas & Joan Heartfield PhD.

Joan Heartfield, Ph.D. is author of Romancing The Beloved, A Sacred Sexual Adventure Into Love, Her Story, and co-author of Sage Advice, Resolving Challenges in Love Relationships. She is the director of Talking Hearts along with her husband Tomas Heartfield.

Joan has been involved in the exploration of human consciousness for most of her life. A thirty-five year resident of Maui, Joan has been featured in a Who’s Who of American Women.

Joan and her husband Tomas are innovators in the Art of Relationship. They are the creators of Conversations That Matter, Opening to Love Ceremonies, and Romancing the Beloved. They write a weekly Talking Hearts column on relationship issues and their book, Romancing The Beloved, is one not to miss.

A counselor and guide for over 25 years, Joan brings a loving heart in combination with a profound wit to the consciousness of her work. Her transmission around relationship inspires and awakens others to what is possible. In addition to her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, Joan has an MFA in Dance, Drama and Theatre. She brings an integrated, joyful and radiantly alive presence into her workshops, classes, seminars and private practice. Her teachers include Dr. Stanislav Grof, Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, Dr. Irv Katz, Jack Kornfield, Joseph Campbell, Angeles Arrien, Swami Muktananda, Swami Sachidananda, John Grey, Charles and Caroline Muir, and Dr. Harville Hendrix. Joan has helped thousands of people find deeper meaning and aliveness in their own search for wholeness in a challenging world.

Tomas is the co-author of Sage Advice, Resolving Challenges in Love Relationships (link) and the co-director of Talking Hearts. With his background in education, herbal knowledge, anti-aging, horticulture, Tantric and Taoist studies, bodywork and the healing arts, Tomas has learned how to bring more energy and life force into the creative process. He lives life to the fullest, and enjoys sharing his knowledge with friends and clients.

He creates beauty in the natural environment by planting trees and food, and his grounding presence is a comfort to those around him.

Tomas created the Awakened Masculine program and was core faculty of the Divine Feminine Institute from 2005-2012. He teaches men how to fuse and harmonize their sexual energy with their life purpose. Synthesizing Taoist and Tantric disciplines with Compassionate Communication, Heart Math, Heart Intelligence, and non-dual understanding, Tomas guides men into the refinement of their life force, to create deeper intimacy and love in their relationships.

Tomas educates men and women in sacred sexuality. He uses a combination of healing modalities to change core beliefs and heal sexual wounding, shame and guilt.

Tomas and Joan developed Romancing the Beloved workshops for couples, Conversations that Matter for singles, Opening to Love Ceremonies.

Teachers and mentors that Tomas has been influenced by include: Michael Harner, John Gray, Joanna Macy, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Robert Bly, Swami Satchidananda,Vishnu Devananda, & Rev. Noel Street who he assisted and taught seminars with through Unity Church.