Soul Retrieval – Soul Remembering – Shamanic Healing

Please note Karyn will always do a diagnostic journey for you before your appointment which means the shamanic healing session is not a fixed method or expectation, therefore please come with an open mind and be prepared for flexibility.

SKYPE video sessions are successful if committed to the process and making the changes necessary.

Traditional shamanism was taught one on one therefore having a coach, teacher or mentor to encourage, inspire and support you into integrating and developing your own medicine for a life filled with harmony, joy and love is the key happiness! We become masters of healing as we heal our self.

Soul Remembering is a spiritual method where Karyn journeys to find what you are here to do and to remember your divine state when you were born.

There are three common causes of illness from a shamanic perspective which are: Loss of Power, Soul Loss and Spiritual Intrusion

Loss of Power – This manifestation can be through depression, chronic illness, or a series of misfortunes. Apathy, changes in circumstances suddenly, A shamanic practitioner will journey to locate the source and restore a person s lost power which usually takes the form of a Power Animal Retrieval or Soul Retrieval.

Soul loss can happen for various reasons. If you were in an abusive situation part of your soul leaves in order to be protected from the abuse. A child with parents who fight could hide parts of their soul because the child is scared. During a traumatic accident such as an impact to the body or car collision the soul would leave so that it wouldn’t be effected by the force of trauma. If a loved one dies, the soul part may leave until you express and move through the grieving process. These are healthy, intelligent mechanisms of protection the human body intuitively knows how to protect itself. In some cases the soul part will return on its own. But if it does not return, or if it does not know it is safe to return a shamanic practitioner assists the return through a Soul Retrieval.

Soul loss occurs when you give your power to another. People in relationships give portions of their soul to their loved ones for safe keeping, such as a mother giving parts of her to the child to protect him or her. Couples also give parts of them self to each other unconsciously. These types of soul exchange is unacceptable but often seen as unintentionally harmless. The persons who have given a piece of their soul away have in a sense caused their own loss of power themselves. Co-dependency is another form of soul sharing

One of the most often form of soul sharing is in the exchange of sexual energy. If sexual energy isn’t “clean,” and being elevated with higher consciousness it can and will cause many forms of troublesome behavior. If you aren’t able to let go of someone who is abusive or treats you with disrespect most likely there is an energetic cording between you and them and healing is necessary to bring you back to wholeness so you may once again maintain a sense of yourself.

We do this soul sharing unconsciously. As individuals become more conscious and awake of their own energy and how it may be impacting others they are able to find healthier ways of sharing love and affection in close relationships. There is a fine line between being open and receptive but also having healthy boundaries.

Another reason for soul loss is called soul stealing, perhaps we should say borrowing. As we said before, the average person today is unconscious of their own energy and how it effects others. Soul stealing can be innocent, just notice sometimes where your energy is going, if you find yourself and your energy going across the room towards another, chances are you unconsciously want a part of their energy. Soul stealing can also be a way to control and dominate someone else. Taking someone’s soul you take some of that person’s power.

No one can take your soul without your consent. If someone has stolen your soul, you have given it to them or allowed them to have it. If you feel for some reason that someone is tugging at your soul, make a firm decision within yourself that they cannot have it and they will not be able to take it from you.

Soul Loss Symptoms occur because of accidents, surgery, abuse, experiencing the trauma of war, being in a natural disaster, divorce, the death of a loved one, near death experiences or other traumatic circumstances. Soul Loss can result in: dissociation, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, illness, immune deficiency problems, addictions, UN-ending grief or coma, on-going disorientation, feeling lost for extended time periods, depression (sudden or chronic), feeling that part of you is missing or not feeling like yourself, confusion , trouble keeping yourself together, problems after accidents or being accident prone, unusual fatigue, inability to remember certain incidents, melancholy around an old incident, recurring nightmares, repeating unhealthy patterns, unable to move forward with life, feeling of being stuck and chronic illness. If you find yourself taking RX drugs and a physician keeps prescribing these for you and you are taking them, but really don’t need them, you are afflicted with soul stealing.

Soul loss can also result in physical symptoms such as dry heaves, abdominal pain, releasing grief and thoughts of hopelessness, self destructive behavior and thoughts of suicide. Not only trauma causes soul loss but also unconscious, sexual union that is not heart centered between partners, sexual addiction through pornography or varies other means through sexual abuse, rape or a lack of being in your body and present. Sexual exchange is a sacred act between two people who are both surrendering into love rather then controlling, manipulative patterns for achieving a goal. Soul Loss can prevent us from creating healthy relationships and the life we truly want to live. In this particular situation a shamanic practitioner will track down the soul parts that have fled and been lost due to trauma by performing a Soul Retrieval ceremony.

Spiritual Intrusions or Blocks, also known as negative energies a person has taken on due to the loss of the individuals power or soul essence. These blocks or negative energies also cause illness, usually in a localized area of the body. The role of the shamanic practitioner is to extract and remove these harmful energies from the body through what is called Shamanic Extraction.


There are many benefits to soul retrieval, soul remembering and shamanic healing including: release of a negative past, healing trauma, being able to live your life fully present and grounded, enrich and renew relationships, dissolve negative behavior, release addictions, regain direction and focus, release feelings of being stuck, allow more love into your life, recover your personal power, find renewed purpose and meaning, gain additional clarity, generate more creativity, feel empowered, transform physical disease and pain, dissolve destructive patterns, heal emotional wounds, access your inner guidance and wisdom, bring a sense of purpose and meaning back into your life.

A lot of care and preparation, on my part, goes into the process for shamanic healing. For optimum success plan on a session being 1 1/2 hours. The integration is more important then the actual ceremony, after the healing comes the integration. Integration will be done through a process I developed using creative arts so be prepared to journal, create a Medicine Art card, play music, make a staff or some other form of craft you enjoy doing. It will be through reflection and pondering the integration and healing occur. There are many things that may come up during the Ceremony that will be beneficial for us to do together in order to get the results you want.


Integrative Intuitive Shamanic Healing deals with the spiritual aspects of illness and does not replace the need for traditional psychological and medical treatment. Please keep in mind a follow up session is necessary. Plan on at least two sessions. Once you have completed your energy exchange for my time I will contact you to make an appointment.

It’s is important you include your phone number so I may reach you. Shamanic healing is deeper than “talk therapy,” as sacred space is created and it’s often the first time a person has felt so deeply seen and lovingly cared for. Deep listening and bringing forward the solution for you to live a more joyous and happy life filled with true meaning is what you can expect from working with me.

It is always an honor and a privilege to work with someone in this capacity and I look forward to facilitating the process for you. Please call Karyn at 503-804-9441 or email [email protected].