Soul Retrieval Healing Trauma

Soul Retrieval Healing Trauma for Individuals, Couples, and Businesses.

Karyn Armstrong has an active clientele between Atlanta, Georgia, Asheville, North Carolina, Champaign-Urbana and Chicago Metro, Illinois for in person sessions. She is also available LIVE and INTERACTIVE through state of the art technology.

Soul Retrieval and Shamanic Healing and Integrative Intuitive Consultation focuses on serving you to have a spiritual practice. Karyn supports the healing process generally manifested through spiritual illness causing emotional and physical disease. From a shamanic perspective, one of the major causes of illness is soul loss.

Today, we find soul loss as a result of such traumas as abortion, abuse (both physical and mental) , accidents, addictions, illness, incest, loss of a loved one, miscarriage, relationship breakup, surgery or the stress of combat.

Skype or Facetime sessions are successful for where intention goes energy flows. The use of state of the art technology is just as effective if not more because you are in your own space. There is an option to request a shamanic healing and divination over email for an affordable way to support those who are challenged and need guidance. 

Karyn has developed her own sacred way of working in order for you to get the best results by sensing into what will bring you the most results. Her goal is to have you moving forward healed and thriving, therefore you will be given the tools to support anything that comes up after a series of sessions.