Shamanic Teaching

Director of Harmonic Visions, Shamanic Teaching others into, grounded practiced through personal experience. Based in Asheville, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia–serving Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina and surrounding areas.

Serving others towards living a self–actualized, awakened, congruent life of confidence, clarity and creativity integrating ancient teachings for the 21st century.

  • Shamanic journey process with drumming
  • Shamanic healing for self and in service to your family and community
  • Soul Retrieval, Soul Recovery and Soul Remembering
  • Clearing away Spiritual Intrusions from a Shaman’s perspective
  • Spiritual support for those with a terminal illness and families
  • Energy healing with Spiritual light
  • Medicine for the Earth
  • Shamanic Teaching a 10 month intensive

Authentic teaching based on personal experience:

(all of these topics are available for workshops worldwide):

    • Shamanic journey process through rhythmic music, singing, drumming and movement
    • Soul Retrieval, Soul Recovery and Soul Remembering
    • Shamanic Extraction of Spiritual Intrusions
    • Death and Dying support for individuals and families
    • Energy healing with Spiritual light through Transfiguration
    • Medicine for the Earth
    • Creativity and Shamanism
    • Shadow work through the process of Mask Making
    • Manifesting through Focused Intention through daily practice
    • Intuitive Counseling and Recommendations for Professions and Businesses
    • Shifting stuck energy and live the life you want
    • Ten month Shamanic Mentoring Training
    • Visual Soul Journaling
    • Sovereignty Medicine Wheel Oracle Cards (personal deck of cards made through the process of SoulCollage)
    • Sacred Tool making (feather fans, dream catchers, drums, rattles and prayer beads)

Visit the Calendar for a schedule of events

Sponsoring an ongoing schedule of Events through workshop and retreats. These Events are conducted by an outstanding Faculty of industry leaders and Karyn herself.

Additionally, Karyn works with private clients in person, and on SKYPE. Karyn will only do one on one SKYPE Video sessions. She is also a noted Advanced III, Certified Tantra Yoga Educator, Spiritual Mentor, Minister, Speaker and Facilitator of workshops Internationally.