Soul Remembering Soul Retrieval Virtual On-Line

Jul 27 - Aug 17 2019

Location: Online Location - Online Only -

Global Soul Retrieval Training

Saturdays for 8 weeks

July 27, August 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 September 7 & 14

  10:00-12-00 AM PST

11:00-1:00 AM CST

12:00-2:00 PM EST

This is a live interactive video conferencing training on Soul Retrieval and you must have access to a good internet connection and device. Previous students have used smart phones and tablets with success.

In this 8 week Global Soul Recovery – Soul Remembering training you will learn how to perform the classic shamanic method of soul retrieval to help people who have suffered soul loss from an emotional or physical trauma. Although the classic method of soul retrieval is a powerful way of working there is much to learn about integrating this ancient shamanic healing method into a modern-day culture.

Karyn will share with you what she has learned from her own practice and practitioners she has worked with and address the evolution of Soul Retrieval for the best results. We will look at how to diagnose soul loss, perform soul retrievals, the telling of healing stories. We will also focus on life after soul retrieval…how to help clients create a positive and healthier life as well as ways to help clients integrate the returned soul parts. The Medicine Art® process will be introduced as a way continued integration and support more of your natural gifts to emerge.


  • To create sacred space for the soul retrieval ceremony .
  • How to track the lost essence.
  • Soul Remembering and Recovery.
  • Various methods for integration which you as a practitioner will experience first hand, (this is not a technique) and in order to offer this effectively first hand experience is necessary.
  • What it’s like to work one on one with someone in person and long distance.
  • Soul Retrieval for relationships such as bringing back the “soul,” of a marriage.
  • Soul Retrieval for the land, businesses and organizations will also be taught.
  • Discover creative ways to inspire others into action and how to share healing stories from the information gleaned in the journey’s.

This course has been adapted to the modern times as a result of years of personal experience seeing clients. This training is taught using state of the art technology and is limited to 10 live video feeds. This ensures the quality of the training and allows for more personal instruction.

The prerequisites are a good knowledge of shamanic journeying as well as a strong relationship with a power animal or teacher in the spiritual realms. Reading Soul Retrieval and Welcome Home authored by Sandra Ingerman is required alone with Mending the Past and Healing the future with Soul Retrieval by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.along with other required materials. You can register below, once registered you will be sent course details.

Medicine Drum Making in Asheville North Carolina

Sep 22 - Sep 22 2019

Location: - -

Medicine Drum Event

Medicine Drum Making in Asheville, North Carolina September 22nd, 2019 from 11:00 to 4:00 at a beautiful location in the River Arts District in Asheville, North Carolina.

Together we make a medicine drum in a sacred ceremonial way, with mindfulness and intention.

The earth yearns for drumming for it’s the heart beat of the drum that brings us to a grounded state of consciousness. A personal drum made with focused intention and a sincere heart becomes an extension of you and will provide great comfort and healing when used. The rattle is another tool we can use for going on a shamanic journey or to support us in our work with others.

You will be supplied everything you need to create your own frame drum and accompanying beater. Some supplies I will suggest you bring. While you are making your creations you will be taught the care and feeding of your drum, as well as how to use them in healing and ceremonies.

We will begin with a Drum Journey to connect to the Heartbeat of the Drum, and then start the process of creating you’re drum.  After creating the drum, we’ll celebrate its birth with a special ceremony.  Birthing a drum is an intense process, one not easily forgotten. The drum face can later be painted with your Animal Totem or designs. You can also personalize the drum with beads and feathers to strengthen the connection with your drum.

I also offer private drum making sessions or you can commission me to make one for you! If you would like to organized a drum making workshop in your city please contact me.

Medicine Drum Supplies

You will be able to pick your own size hoop. The sized range for 14, 15, 16, and 18.

The skins available are DEER, ELK, HORSE, COW, GOAT, BUFFALO and MOOSE. Add $35 for buffalo and moose.

Birthing a drum in a sacred way filled with your medicine and intention will is a treasured lifetime gift you give to yourself. The cost is $260 and includes the hide, frame and beater.


The investment is $260 and it includes all materials.


Contact Karyn Armstrong at 503-804-9441 or karyn@harmonicvisions for payment with a check or cash as well as location details and preparation.


Death and Dying the Shamanic Way Virtual On-Line

Oct 12 - Nov 16 2019

Location: - -

October 12, 19, 26, November 2, 9, 16

10:00 – 12:00 PST

11:00 – 1:00 CST

12:00 – 2:00 EST


Death and Dying the Shamanic Way is one of the main themes for anyone who practices shamanism. We die and are reborn in ordinary reality as well as our physical bodies die and our soul carries on.

The Shaman or Medicine Man or Woman healing the living and the dead. It is our responsibility.

Is there life after death, I believe so and many who have experienced a near death experience believe it to be so.

Learn how to deal with the issue of dying and the destiny of souls from a shamanic perspective. The course is for those who wish to learn for themselves, and for those who wish to help others who are terminally ill or who have already passed on.

Experiences and initiations include learning how to become experientially familiar with the after-death landscape, tracking a person using shamanic journeying, completing unfinished business, helping a person to cross over, and classic psychopomp work.

You must have good shamanic journey skills and know how to journey with a power animal or spiritual teacher and be familiar with the lower world, middle world and upper world. This work is mostly middle world work. You will bring about healing for yourself and gain a deeper understanding of death and not be afraid or fearful of this natural process.

Death is the one thing that happens to all of us and to do so with grace and ease and support others in this process is a gift on to itself.

The cost for this 6 week on-line virtual course is $250.