Soul Remembering - Retrieval the Medicine Art® Way

Sep 24 - Nov 12 2018

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Global Soul Remembering – Retrieval the Medicine Art® Way

September 24, October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, November 5, 12

 4:00-6 PM PST

5:00-7PM MST

6:00-8 PM CST

7:00-9 PM EST

This is a live interactive video conferencing training and you must have access to a good internet connection and device. Previous students have used smart phones and tablets with success.

In this 8 week  training you will learn how to perform the classic shamanic method of soul remembering – retrieval to help people who have suffered soul loss from an emotional or physical trauma. Although the classic method of soul retrieval is a powerful way of working there is much to learn about integrating this ancient shamanic healing method into a modern-day culture.

Karyn will share with you what she has learned from her own practice and practitioners she has worked with and address the evolution of Soul Retrieval for the best results. We will look at how to diagnose soul loss, perform soul retrievals, the telling of healing stories. We will also focus on life after soul retrieval…how to help clients create a positive and healthier life as well as ways to help clients integrate the returned soul parts. The Medicine Art® Way will be used for continued integration and support more of your natural gifts to emerge.


  • To create sacred space for the soul retrieval ceremony .
  • How to track the lost essence.
  • Soul Remembering and Recovery.
  • Various methods for integration which you as a practitioner will experience first hand, (this is not a technique) and in order to offer this effectively first hand experience is necessary.
  • What it’s like to work one on one with someone in person and long distance.
  • Soul Retrieval for relationships such as bringing back the “soul,” of a marriage.
  • Soul Retrieval for the land, businesses and organizations will also be taught.
  • Discover creative ways to inspire others into action and how to share healing stories from the information gleaned in the journey’s.
  • A personal mentoring and tutoring session is included customized to your individual needs.

This course has been adapted to the modern times as a result of years of personal experience seeing clients. This training is taught using state of the art technology and is limited to 6 live video feeds. This ensures the quality of the training and allows for more personal instruction.

The prerequisites are a good knowledge of shamanic journeying as well as a strong relationship with a power animal or teacher in the spiritual realms. Reading Soul Retrieval and Welcome Home authored by Sandra Ingerman is required alone with Mending the Past and Healing the future with Soul Retrieval by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.along with other required materials. You can register below, once registered you will be sent course details. The tuition exchange is $645.