Gifted Shaman Testimonials

“Karyn Armstrong is an inspiring and trustworthy Shamanic Practitioner and promoter of Shamanism. She brings a professionalism to all her work, and her sincere dedication to the importance of shamanic practice is readily needed in today’s world. You will learn a lot from her Teachings and the Experiences she shares so beautifully with others.”
Tom Cowan, author of Shamanism as a Spiritual Practice for Daily Life & Yearning For the Wind, Celtic Reflections on Nature & The Soul

“Karyn is a brilliant Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher, she brings authentic expression and creativity to her work, everyone loves and respects her and she is connected to all worlds with grounded clarity. I trust her implicitly and support her work completely. Karyn is a great messenger!”
Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval & Medicine For The Earth

“I had the honor of assisting Karyn during her training intensive; I was fascinated by her teaching style. I respect the way she works for the students. It’s the best teaching approach I have witnessed; it’s focused on enabling and inspiring the participants by teaching from her heart and soulful personal experience. Karyn has a way of transmitting the work to her students with proven results.  I absolutely recommend Karyn’s work in all ways. She is a gift to us all” — Polomo
‐ John Brennen, Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher Mt.Shasta, California

‚”I have been working with Karyn Armstrong as a student and assistant for over 4 years. In working with other teachers I realized how truly heart centered her practice of holding space was. Karyn is a gifted Shaman and has the unique ability to be totally present for her clients and students. Her words and actions come from the heart and head at the same time. I don’t know how she does it! I can always feel her heart, if that isn’t enough, what she brings through is always at the right time with the right words. A gift and blessing to be acknowledged on both of these seemingly opposite levels simultaneously, it makes one feel truly seen and heard.”
‐ Edie Wyrick, Shamanic Practitioner, Healing Artist & Animation Film Director

“From Karyn’s journeying intensive weekend, I experienced deep healing. Beyond the weekend, I was empowered to journey by myself and able to experience healing in a deeper way when alone, than I was able to before. This new world I was introduced to is like going home to a profound level of support. I recommend this work whole-heartedly if you are drawn to it. And I recommend working with Karyn, an experienced, authentic guide to this new world.” – Jen Aly
‐ Jen Aly, Asheville, North Carolina

“Karyn Armstrong supported Tomas and I at a time in our life where it was hard to see what was happening. The shamanic tools she used opened the space so we could see more clearly what we needed. We felt seen, cared for, supported and guided to deeper understanding, perfectly. Karyn is a gifted Shaman ‐ Joan Heartfield PhD, author of ‘Romancing the Beloved’

“I was seeking a way to reclaim my intimate relationship with myself and my husband, when we found Karyn. When I arrived at her healing center, I was exhausted from being a mom of active teens, a business owner of a life coaching practice, a part-time shamanic practitioner and a dedicated community volunteer – all of which left little energy and time for me to really “see” what was (not!) going on in my relationship. Through our work with Karyn, we uncovered blockages in this lifetime and lifetimes past that were getting in the way of our authentic relationship. Bringing them to the foreground so they could be cleared, we both experienced a cleansing and healing that started us on a new path to our new relationship. Karyn was insightful, nurturing and soulful. Thank you, Karyn!”
Julie Oreson Perkins

My paint mare was a blast last night. I’m not quite sure what got into her. She was running up and down and jumping in the air. I’ve actually never seen her doing that before. She got the other two horses going too! I had an “aha,” moment and realized my energy and everything had changed after the soul retrieval ceremony Karyn Armstrong did for me. My paint mare and I are very connected and she could sense the change and seemed to be celebrating with me. The shift and change has been rewarding.
Laura Nelson, Brevard, North Carolina

Karyn is a brilliant and compassionate shaman. I have worked with her extensively over the past 6 years in person and now Live Interactive Video one on one and in a classroom setting with others. In that time, she has taught me how to journey more effectively, soul retrieval and power animal retrieval. I am now able to pursue these gifts independently! I love that she tailored her sessions to my experience level and individual needs. Her teachings, advice and support have been and continue to be invaluable to me. I highly recommend taking any opportunity to learn from Karyn!
Samantha Sinclair, Portland, Oregon

Karyn Armstrong’s pioneering LIVE Interactive courses are simply terrific! Everyone is online at once, and can see and hear each other in real time – it really is a live virtual gathering, without the hassle and expense of traveling to a workshop. Karyn is a great teacher and facilitator, and the classes are held over the course of several weeks, providing ample time for instruction, interaction, and practice. I’ve already participated in the LIVE INTERACTIVE Medicine for the Earth class, the LIVE Virtual Shamanic Journey Circle class, and the free monthly LIVE Virtual Shamanic Journey Circles, and I will be taking more classes in the near future. Highly recommended!
Jack V. Johnson, Beliot, Wisconsin

Completed a Shamanic Journey virtual/video class with Karyn. It was a profound experience on many levels, I hardly know where to begin. Immediately was having “out of this world” journeys! I am a changed person and now have powerful resources available to me, independent and freely available. I often arrived at class fairly stressed out and exhausted but experienced deep and long-lasting shifts as a result of the space Karyn held. I am inspired to learn more. Expanded in heart, mind, body, and consciousness now! Everyday life has changed as a result and I am soooo glad I took this class. I work as an alternative therapist/healer and this is good stuff!

Laura Frisbie Asheville, NC