Shamanic Divination Journey Healing Circle in Asheville NC

Shamanic Divination Journey Healing Circle in Asheville NC

May 4 - Dec 7 2015

Location: Western North Carolina School of Massage - 131 McDowell St Suite 302, - Asheville

Shamanic Divination Journey Healing Circle in Asheville NC

Shamanic Divination Journey Circle Asheville NC is on-going for beginners and advanced journeyers.

The best way to learn and practice this ancient art is to be in circle with someone committed to the practice and bringing the teachings through community experience. A shamanic journey is traditionally accompanied by rhythmic drumming or rattling, which enables a shift in consciousness.   Journeyers go into a deep alpha state that enhances creativity, intuition, and ecstatic experiences and will bring out your own gifts.

Karyn facilitates Journey Circles and drums for groups of people who wish to bring sacred ceremony and shamanic journeying.

When we do this together we deepen our individual connection to nature and everything that is living, we also deepen our connections to each other.  Sharing our journeys at a journey circle allows us to see ourselves in other people, and to see that they are much like us.  We begin to understand at a very deep level that we are all truly One.

The first Monday of every month we will come together to journey, all are welcome, the curious seekers and those who are experienced.

You will learn to journey to the lower world, the upper world and the middle world and the learn the difference between them.

The shamanic journey is the process of direct revelation and anyone can learn. If you are open and allow the process this tool can be used in every day to support you in all areas of your life. Every month I will teach some new aspect of shamanism so as to demystify what it is and isn’t and also provide an introduction into several healing modalities. Along with a live demonstration.

Energy exchange for this circle is $15. Reservation is required.

It is always an honor to teach this work to others and I look forward to the journey.

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