Introduction to the Shamanic Journey

Introduction to the Shamanic Journey

Aug 17 - Aug 17 2015

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Introduction to the Shamanic Journey

This is a free 75 minute course that is an Introduction to the Shamanic Journey.

If you are curious or ready to study shamanism “The Shamanic Journey Journey,” is where it all begins. It is the foundation for all shamanic practices. You will learn basic healing methods for yourself and how you can use this practice to transform your life. This virtual on-line training is designed to support each individual in bringing harmony to their life by utilizing this ancient practice developed for a modern world. When this course is completed you will have a time-tested and assured method most widely used for the 21st Century worldwide.

Shamanism is the path of direct revelation through rhythmic drumming or music.

By exploring and learning to receive answers by trusting spiritual guidance, you can create a life filled with meaning, joy, and passion.

We begin to see with new eyes and awareness and allow your intuitive abilities to foster and your rational mind to expand. You begin to engage with the natural cycles of life in a way that supports you. You take fear by the horns and transmute it into action that serves, rather than going into a downward spiral.

I will facilitate a shamanic journey for you to find a guardian spirit to work with. This is available to everyone and can be used by everyone regardless of what your beliefs are.



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