Extraction Healing with Spiritual Light Virtual On-Line

Extraction Healing with Spiritual Light Virtual On-Line

Apr 13 - May 18 2019

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Sipapu Opening to the Spirit World

Sipapu Opening to the Spirit World

April 13, 20, 27 May 4, 11 & 18

10:00-12:00 PST

11:00-1:00 CST

12:00-2:00 PM EST

 Impacted spiritual intrusions are caused by negative thought forms, such as anger, grief, projections from others or unresolved feelings, that have been taken into our bodies in response to hurt or judgements from others. An intrusion can also start with chronic self abuse and negative self talk or from a physical injury. The metaphor of being “stabbed in the back” is an expression of a spiritual intrusion in the shamanic perspective, these are psychic debris or arrows that we encounter when negative thoughts and feelings are directed towards us. An Intrusion can manifest as localized pain in the body, illness or depression. Left untended an intrusion can turn into a chronic illness. Intrusions often appear in situations where our Spirit has been weakened and made vulnerable by soul loss or power loss. A spiritual extraction involves removing and releasing the intrusion, clearing the affected area and is generally followed with a soul retrieval.

The Shamanic Extraction Healing Training is designed exclusively for people who want to bring shamanic healing work into their practice with others. The training is not designed for people looking for personal healing.

In this 6 week training you will

  • Be initiated into several extraction method of healing.
  • The causes of Impacted Spiritual Intrusions.
  • The difference between possession and intrusions if any.
  • How to see, sense, and remove localized illness and pain connected to spiritual forces.
  • Learn many different ways to remove intrusions, however your own guides will be the authority.
  • The ethics of shamanic healing as it is an important aspect of a good practitioner.
  • Learn how you can use the elements to work in partnership to increase the effectiveness and potency of the work.

Good Shamanic Journey Skills are required to learn this modality of Spiritual Healing.

The tuition for this training is $250 paid in full.

Details and Curriculum will be sent once you register for this training.

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