Dismemberment & Merging

Dismemberment & Merging

Jun 1 - Jun 22 2019

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Saturdays June 1, 8, 15 & 22

Shamans performed dismemberment ceremonies on a regular basis to clear individuals of harmful limiting beliefs and negative body responses. The modern shaman continues the practice to overcome the negative influence of a culture that has moved far from its roots and that has lost the ability to connect easily to our spiritual natures.  Modern life is in dire need of revitalization and a renewal of our forgotten source.  The practice of dismemberment lends itself well to allowing us to overcome the artificial barriers that have inhibited our spiritual growth and limited our abilities to heal and be well. Dismemberment is fundamentally about opening new passageways to a knowingness of the divine order of the universe by removing the obstructions that we have acquired in this physical existence that knows only the single dimension of a limiting reality.  By moving to a non-ordinary reality, we discover that the spirits do love us and that the universe is created from a positive life force of which we are a part. From this perspective we are able to rid ourselves of the contamination of faulty thinking and a restricted belief system and move to a realization of the power of the cosmic forces of which we are a part.

The process of dismemberment frees you from the countless tethers that keep you limited—whether values, norms, ethics, standards, or morals that have been imposed by forces in this current reality—and replaces limitation with boundless possibility and supplants reactive behaviors with a proactive empowerment that allows you to choose your own destiny rather than accept this society’s judgment of your worth. Dismemberment is followed by a reassembling of your self but never in the same form that had existed previously.

Before deeply merging with a compassionate helping spirit to do healing work a dismemberment journey is the first step.


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