Karyn is a brilliant Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher, she brings authentic expression and creativity to her work, everyone loves and respects her and she is connected to all worlds with grounded clarity. I trust her implicitly and support her work completely. Karyn is a great messenger!
Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval & Medicine For The Earth

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Welcome to Harmonic Visions Institute


Karyn Armstrong is the Founder and Creative Director of Harmonic Visions Institute:

Teaching personal and spiritual growth and transformation through Shamanic Practice.


• Shamanic journey process with drumming
• Soul Retrieval and Soul Recovery
• Shamanic Extraction of spiritual intrusions
• Divine Feminine Mysteries
• Spiritual and Creative Life Force Integration


Join Karyn Armstrong and a Faculty of distinguished Visionary Teachers, including:
• Sandra Ingerman, MA
• Tom Cowan, Phd.
• Sobonfu Some
• Bhola Banstola
• Joan Heartfield, Phd.