"I have been working with Karyn Armstrong as a student and assistant for over 4 years. In working with other teachers I realized how truly heart centered her practice of holding space was. Karyn has the unique ability to be totally present for her clients and students. Her words and actions come from the heart and head at the same time. I don’t know how she does it! I can always feel her heart, if that isn’t enough, what she brings through is always at the right time with the right words. A gift and blessing to be acknowledged on both of these seemingly opposite levels simultaneously, it makes one feel truly seen and heard."
Edie Wyrick, Shamanic Practitioner, Healing Artist & Animation Film Director

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Welcome to Harmonic Visions Institute


Karyn Armstrong is the Founder and Creative Director of Harmonic Visions Institute:

Teaching personal and spiritual growth and transformation through Shamanic Practice.


• Shamanic journey process with drumming
• Soul Retrieval and Soul Recovery
• Shamanic Extraction of spiritual intrusions
• Divine Feminine Mysteries
• Spiritual and Creative Life Force Integration


Join Karyn Armstrong and a Faculty of distinguished Visionary Teachers, including:
• Sandra Ingerman, MA
• Tom Cowan, Phd.
• Sobonfu Some
• Bhola Banstola
• Joan Heartfield, Phd.