My paint mare was a blast last night. I'm not quite sure what got into her. She was running up and down and jumping in the air. I've actually never seen her doing that before. She got the other 2 going too! I had an "aha," moment and realized my energy and everything had changed after the soul retrieval ceremony Karyn Armstrong did for me. My paint mare and I are very connected and she could sense the change and seemed to be celebrating with me. The shift and change has been rewarding.
Laura Nelson, Brevard, North Carolina

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Welcome to Harmonic Visions Institute


Karyn Armstrong is the Founder and Creative Director of Harmonic Visions Institute:

Teaching personal and spiritual growth and transformation through Shamanic Practice.


• Shamanic journey process with drumming
• Soul Retrieval and Soul Recovery
• Shamanic Extraction of spiritual intrusions
• Divine Feminine Mysteries
• Spiritual and Creative Life Force Integration


Join Karyn Armstrong and a Faculty of distinguished Visionary Teachers, including:
• Sandra Ingerman, MA
• Tom Cowan, Phd.
• Sobonfu Some
• Bhola Banstola
• Joan Heartfield, Phd.