One Year Virtual Shamanic Healing Intensive

One Year Virtual Shamanic Healing Intensive

Jan 26 - Oct 26 2019

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Focusing on The Medicine Art Way® as a process to discover how to bring their own healing attributes forward.

Everyone has a unique gift and talent.

To be a shamanic practitioner means showing up where ever you work, live or play and offer your best self. Shamanism is not a method or technique its a relationship you build with your own personal guides, guardians and helping forces.

OWN your authority. Listen to your soul’s calling. Become your own best healer.

Any and all of these concepts can be utilized in any profession or in your relationships with your family, friend and community.

I will support you with years of experience on how to move forward and bring your gifts out into the world.

The Shamanic Journey  $175.00

Medicine For The Earth $250.00

Extraction of Spiritual Intrusions ~ Healing with Spiritual Light $250

Dismemberment and Merging $175.00

Soul Remembering ~ Soul Retrieval $595

House ~ Space Clearing $175.00

Death and Dying $250.00

Tuition is $1,920.00 for the entire series. However I am offering it for $1500 if its paid in full. 

Over 3 months Jan $665.00 April $665.00 July October $665.00

Monthly over 9 months $200.00

2019 Healing Intensive

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